Monday, 8 February 2016

The below is a write up from my first game I posted on the Dakka forum on Febrary 1st.

Morning folks,

So yesterday myself and a couple friends headed down to Mierce Towers to meet Rob (and briefly Tim) and get a feel for the game.

As we walked in, nerd heaven came to mind! Tonnes of minis everywhere, including many of the professionally painted copies in display cabinets and game ready examples with no paint on them.

I have to say, seeing so many Mierce minis in one place and as cohesive 'collections' looks beyond fantastic. Funnily enough, I'm now very sold on some minis I really wasn't before; Maallolvor, Vaak, Praach for example. Breathtaking minis.

We also had a little tour of the casting and mould making areas, very cool, including seeing some of the metals for the first time, phenomenal detail and quality on those.

The main thing we went down for was the game intro. Ben went up first for a basic intro with a chief and unit (Gorgonarch and 4 Gorgorar vs an Ysian chief and four brutes).

In the first hour, the brutes being frenzied ran full pace across the board in their first round. Kthones under attack orders attempted to counter change only to fall short and be charged in the second hour.

My first lesson in the nuances of the game. The brutes charged the Gorgorar, but reached the Gorgonarch too, drawing in the powerful chief.

The brutes bounced, and with the Gorgonarch tilting the balance on the counter attack, left one brute standing. Three brutes dead, one Gorgorar dead. The remaining brute then flayed himself due to being unstable, and
the Ysian chief couldn't sway things back in his favour. All in all a nice little fist fight to get dice rolling and our gaming heads on.

Next up was me with my 1800gold muster I'd created for the Sheffield Slaughter next week. My host is a pure Infernii one:
Servile Champion of Dis
5x Fiends of Dis with champion and Banner
5x Fiends of Dis with champion and Banner
Allied Magus Infernum
(I hadn't realised spells are bought with the recent muster updates so after a discussion we both gained a couple of spells that pushed our gold value over 1800, but not by much.

Rob's Ysians were something along the lines of
Chief Drune
10x Ax Drunes
Seer Drune
10x Bow Drunes
5x Brutes
5x Brutes
Druc the meat hulk giant
(Those who know Ysians better than me will hopefully make sense of the above)

Rob deployed in a fairly straight line, left to right facing me the bow drunes with seer, druc, brutes, ax drunes with chief, second brutes.
There was only one piece of terrain that made any difference and that was a pond in front of the bow drunes and druc.

Memory is hazy as there was a lot to take in so this will be more of a summary than an actual report!

Rob gained the initiative, and with me feeling very outnumbered the two brute units and Druc under attack orders pressed forward.
My fiends under attack orders went their full distance too, with Malacant the Champion behind the front line.

Still in the first hour, Rob then performed a very cheeky little manouvre with his seer drune; casting a spell that forces Druc to immediately charge even though he'd already activated! Druc rolls a 1 for terrain hindrance and crashes into a Fiend and proceeds to maul.

Luckily, my saving rolls were full of 9's and very lucky. Not a single fiend fell this hour! In response, the unit piled in and dropped Druc like the sack of meat he is. Not going to lie, the surprise charge was worrying, but my lads took it on the chin like the true demonic warriors they are.

Rob won the initiative for the second hour and immediately his frenzied Brutes charged. I don't like Brutes. They cause sticky corrosion damage and make a right mess. Their first charge killed a Fiend outright and put out corrosion onto another. At this point I was considering activating my non engaged fiends in order to get the charge into the second Brute unit since the first was engaged anyway. A quick explanation of consolidation and counterattacking changed my mind, instead choosing to use a Fiend to block the second brute unit from getting anywhere near Malacant.
The combat that ensued was pretty bloodthirsty. Three brutes died along with two Fiends. If I remember right, I wont that combat resolution but the Brutes stood there and flayed themselves a bit just getting frustrated.

On the left, a volley of arrows hit Malacant but his awesome armour repelled all but two thanks to that shield of his. My left fiend unit then charged into the Brutes and with a huge pile of dice in my hand I....flopped. Might have killed one brute, but dice abandoned both of us for this combat.
I believe I failed this combat resolution but due to being drilled the Fiends didn't care. Expecting to be aggressively out flanked at this point but the chief and Ax Drunes reposition ready to pile into any gaps created. Malacant then goes charging into a single brute and does nothing. Damn dice!
Speaking of damn dice, it's around this time that the Seer Drune manages to cut himself a little too deep and bleed out on the floor a pathetic failure. Har har.

In the third hour, it is feeling like I have weathered the numbers and bit but it is still a slog match. I then noticed Rob had placed his chief somewhere a little too close to Malacant. Naturally I go for the throat.
Taking a hit from a Brute for leaving melee (5 wounds or so) Malacant lands right next to the chief and summarily executes him in one big swing of his axe! He then proceeds to run down the Ax Drunes almost to the table edge, they went 19", I went 18".

At this point we called it, Malacant would almost certainly run the Drunes down and the Brutes were looking worse for wear especially without any officers left on the table.

Not being biased at all by the fact that technically I won (wasn't diced at all :P) I have to say I really enjoyed the game.

It feels comparative to Warmachine but that's the main game I play so others may not draw the same conclusion. The book is written to be played, not read, which I like. The game flows well, lots of player interaction handling piles of dice to one another and D10's are refreshingly different.
The basics are simple to learn and likely will be tough to master. Plenty of nuances and decisions to make in game, I can see this is going to be good. Even potential for a solid tournament game and story telling campaign system.

Thanks Rob, it was great fun to meet and have that intro. Now to devour the rules ready for the weekend :D

We're off!


First post is a short intro.

My name's Phil, I'm from the North West of the UK and this blog will be all about my war gaming exploits. Probably more for myself to organise my thoughts and stuff, but if someone else enjoys it then great :)

Primarily, this will be Darklands by Mierce Miniatures with bits of Warmachine thrown in. Possibly some other stuff, but we'll see.

I have played Warmachine for five years almost solid, and I love it, but feel myself slowing down with it now. Darklands I have recently picked up in the last couple of years on the weight of the quality minis alone, but very recently started playing it. The game is great, almost feels like an evolution of Warmachine so I will be dedicating more time and effort towards it.

There will be lots of painting and modelling, and lots of battle reports too.

Thanks for reading!